Directors’ and Officers’ Liability

Entrepreneurs and executives often make important and far reaching decisions under pressure. Decisions that may effect others, and for which he or she may be held liable. In that case, a judge will rule whether the damage is caused by maladministration or mismanagement. Or, in other words: Would an experienced and reasonable acting executive have decided otherwise, under the same circumstances? Also, Non-executive board members might also possibly have to defend themselves.

Bankruptcy is the single biggest risk for being held liable. Apart from damages, your reputation may be at stake. Blue Risk makes a quick assessment of the risks, and what you can do about it. In our advice we take the differences between various insurers into careful consideration. Besides legal costs, the insurance covers pure financial damage caused to third parties.

A tailor-made insurance for every organisation

Blue Risk offers custom-fit solutions for each legal form where directors’ and officers’ liability can be a factor. From public limited company to union, from foundation to trust.

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