Service Guide

Our company is specialised in providing financial services. The services provided by our company are subject to the Financial Supervision Act. One of the requirements pursuant to this law is that we inform you on time about who we are and how we work. Your personal situation and your personal wishes are always our guideline. Below you find our general details, opening hours, information about our services and who you can contact in case of complaints.

This service guide is a purely informative document. This means that this document does not oblige you in any way to purchase certain services from our office of to conclude a certain agreement regarding a financial product.

About Blue Risk B.V.
Blue Risk B.V. is an internationally operating insurance broker, specialised in specific insurance solutions for directors, commissioners, professional service providers, (medium) large companies, councils and institutions.. We are an independent niche office with experienced insurance specialists, who focus on a limited number of risks and business sectors.

Our task is to make an inventory in consultation with you of the risks that you or your company face. Subsequently we assess in consultation with you, which risks should be insured. We provide advice which products and services in our opinion best suit your wishes and circumstances. Apart from providing advice, we also mediate between you and the insurance companies where you take out the insurances.

Name and address details
Blue Risk B.V.
Minervahuis I Meent 106

Regulator (Wft) license from Financial Services Authority (Autoriteit Financiële Markten – AFM) under number 12044836.
License components: Private non-life insurance, corporate non-life insurance, income insurance and health insurance
In case of emergency you can also contact us outside office hours on the telephone number above.

Naturally, you can also visit our office. On working days the opening hours are from 09.00 hours to 17.30 hours. You can also make an appointment with us outside office hours.

We communicate with you in Dutch or English and this can be done in various ways: in writing, by e-mail, by telephone or during a personal conversation. We like to hear your preferences.

Our services
Our services consist of the following steps:

  1. Orientation
  2. Inventory
  3. Analysis
  4. Advice
  5. Broking
  6. Maintenance

When you make an appointment with us, we start with an orientation conversation. This conversation is without any obligations and is intended to assess with you what we can do for you. During the conversation we will explain our working method and inform you about the costs of our services. After the conversation you can decide whether you want to use our services and in which form.

Before we advise you, we will first establish your wishes and (financial) situation. We request your cooperation with this by answering a number of questions. We may also ask you to provide certain documents.

When we have a clear picture of your wishes and situation we will analyse and prioritise this data. This will clarify where your risks and opportunities lie. This is the reference point for the advice we will give you.

Based on the analysis we develop our advice and discuss it with you. In this advice we will take your risks and your wishes into account. We select the most suitable solution for your specific situation. Our advice will not always result in an insurance product. We may also advise you to cover (parts of) your risks in another way.

When we recommend an insurance product in our advice, we can act as intermediary between insurer and you. In that case we ensure that the insurance is applied for and drawn up in the correct manner.

We make an inventory – conform the frequency agreed with you – whether relevant changes have occurred in your wishes, opportunities and situation. This is an essential part of our services and ensures that our advice will also in the future be adjusted to your (changed) situation. We inform the insurers in question about relevant changes in your situation. In addition, you can always come to us with all your questions about our advices and solutions. Furthermore, you are kept informed about changes in laws and legislation. Finally, we also support you with your contacts with the insurer in case of unexpected damage.

Our relationship with providers
Our office does business with many different providers (banks and insurers) of financial products. We make a selection from the companies we do business with.
If we advise you on a certain financial service, we will investigate beforehand whether the product of one of our selected providers complies with your wishes.
We make the selection based on a large number of factors. Of course this includes the amount of the premium, but the quality of the conditions and the experience how the provider reacts if a claim is made with him play a role as well. If you want to receive an overview of our partners, we can provide this to you.

We entirely belong to the group of: Independent mediators, which means that we are free (in other words without contractual obligation) to advise on the products of a selective number of banks/insurers. If requested by you, we gladly indicate with which banks and insurers we cooperate.

No financial institution such as a bank or an insurer has an ownership interest in or control over our company.

Our fee
Our services are not free. To provide our services we incur business costs. Think salaries, accommodation costs, insurances, training and licences. The fee that we charge for our services can be paid in various ways.

Fee via the premium
The costs of our services in terms of Non Life insurances and health insurance are often part of the premium that is charged to you. Once you have paid the premium you have also paid for our services, unless you have made other agreements with us in advance.

One-off fee and subscription fee
For income insurances, the remuneration takes place by a one-off fee followed by a service subscription fee compensating our servicing costs.

Hourly rate
Prior to our services we never directly charge an amount separate from the premium to you without agreement. For this it is necessary that we come to preliminary agreements with you about the amount and manner of the fee for our services. This fee depends or is based on the number of hours multiplied by our hourly rate. For example, when we only advise you without mediating for you. We record this agreement in our assignment confirmation.

Remuneration policy
The legislator attaches great importance to a controlled remuneration policy with financial companies. The policy should be aimed at reducing the risks of careless treatment of consumers by the financial company. It is obvious that we endorse this importance and have taken all necessary measures and procedures to assure this.
Personal data
To represent your interest in the field of financial services, we will ask you for some personal data. Therefore, we see a lot of confidential data. We handle this with care. We only use these data for the purpose for which they have been provided by you. We comply with the prescribed rules of the Personal Data Authority ( You can always review your personal data. You can have your data adjusted and removed at your request.

We handle your assignment with attention and care. If something goes wrong, the following applies. We have a professional liability insurance. Our liability is limited to the amount that is paid out under our professional liability insurance in the relevant case, including the deductible.
If no payment is made based on this insurance, the liability in total is limited to the fee we charged in connection with the relevant assignment, with a maximum of € 50,000. If we have not charged any fee for our services then our liability is limited to the annual premium of the financial product to which your claim is related.

We also ask something from you
To be able to represent your interests in the field of financial services, we also ask a few things from you. In any case that you inform us about the correct details and possible changes before taking out and during the term of the insurance. This is in your own interest. If in case of damage it appears afterwards that you have given incorrect, incomplete or overdue information, it is possible that based on the insurance conditions, the insurer has the right not to or not fully compensate the damage.

Correct and complete provision of information
For our advice we depend on the information provided by you. In the relationship that we have with you, we ask of you that you regularly inform us, depending on current events. For example, if there are changes in your work, or if you have recently made a large investment in your company. The information that we receive from you also determines the advice we give you.

Overall picture
You can best compare your financial portfolio with a jigsaw puzzle. The picture can only be completed once all pieces are known. It is possible that you have taken out certain financial products elsewhere and also have them monitored elsewhere. However, to be able to represent your interests optimally it is important for us that we have an overall picture.
This may prevent that we will not alert you to a certain risk, because we might think that this has already been organised elsewhere. Therefore, we ask for your cooperation to complete the overall picture of your financial service package.

Reporting changes
Obviously, we ask you to inform us about changes in your business situation that may have an impact on your financial service package. For example a relocation, a merger, change in the number of employees, change of shareholders.

Reviewing information
If we arrange a certain financial service for you it will often happen that we send you information. Sometimes this concerns information that we send to you based on a legal obligation.
But we may also send you information, because we believe that with it you may better orientate yourself on existing or new financial products and services. We ask you to carefully read this information and if necessary consult with us.
In any case we ask you to check the policies and other contracts yourself and make sure that these have been drawn up in conformity with your wishes. Naturally, we will check these documents as well.

Termination of the relationship
You have the right to at any moment terminate the relationship with our office. You can request your insurance company to transfer the current insurances to the advisor of your choice. We may also take the initiative to terminate the relationship with you. This does not alter the fact that existing insurance contracts remain in force. The duty of care of your insurance is with us till another intermediary or insurer takes over this duty of care.

If you have a complaint
Despite the fact that we do our utmost for you, there is the possibility that you are not satisfied with our services. We hope that you will inform us about this as soon as possible in order to give us the opportunity to investigate your complaint. We make every effort to handle your complaint satisfactorily. In addition, your complaint gives us reason to check whether we can improve our services.
You may submit your written complaint to:
Blue Risk B.V., f.a.o. the Management, Minervahuis I, Meent 106, 3011 JR Rotterdam.

If we cannot solve this together, you may contact the Klachteninstituut Financiële Dienstverlening (Kifid), P.O. Box 93257, 2509 AG The Hague. Our registration number with Kifid is 300.016660.

General terms and conditions
Our general terms and conditions are applicable on our services. These terms and conditions are registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam. On request we gladly send you a copy.

We do more for you
Our services include more than we can show in this document. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for a further explanation. We will gladly be at your service.

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